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DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung

Occasion: 25th anniversary of the Deutsche Flugsicherung

Goal: Celebrating the 25th jubilee in an unbent atmosphere, flashback about the last 25 years.  

Venue: WECC Berlin

Client: DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung

Moderation: Michael Krons

Guests: 400 Politicians, PR representatives, customers and business partners

Task: Event & branding concept, Stage play, Guest Management, Artist booking and briefing, Sourcing process and coordination of all project partners, Floor planning 2D and 3D, Set Up & Logistics, Shuttle Service


massdrei dfs 02 | Massdrei Eventagentur | Frankfurt
massdrei dfs 03 | Massdrei Eventagentur | Frankfurt
massdrei dfs 01 | Massdrei Eventagentur | Frankfurt
massdrei dfs 05 | Massdrei Eventagentur | Frankfurt
massdrei dfs 04 | Massdrei Eventagentur | Frankfurt



Task: eye-catching trade fair show for the DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH at the industry's leading trade fair ATC in Amsterdam

Implementation:  modern and clear artistic form concept as basis of the presentation, inviting design and colouring, a tower in visual reference to a solitaire gem characterises the trade fair booth, modular components provide space for meetings and product presentations, live presentation of provisions and services of DFS using multimedia elements, modular concept for use at other trade fairs


DeutscheFlugsicherung live 01 | Massdrei Eventagentur | Frankfurt
DeutscheFlugsicherung live 03 | Massdrei Eventagentur | Frankfurt
DeutschFlugsicherung live 02 | Massdrei Eventagentur | Frankfurt


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